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Board of Directors

Tina Kelly - President

J Jones - Vice President

T. Armstead - General Manager/Director

Audrey Thompson - Equipment Director

Nettie Jordan - Snack Bar Director


K. Cox

 Football  Coaches 

Boo Williams / D. Jones - Mighty-Mite

B. Ynestroza / Herman Cox - Bantam

Keith Stenhouse / Harold Maldonado - Bantam/Freshman

Jaylen Norman / Brandon Jones- Sophomore

Lonny Griffen -Junior

B. Tovar  - Senior

At North Valley, safety is our top priority!

  • All  football coaches are Heads Up Football Certified. 

  • All coaches must pass a background check.

  • 2 volunteers from each division are  First Aid and CPR certified.

  • Medics are on site at every home and away game. 

If interested in coaching, please text us

at 818-869-4479

Joel Arellano - Club Photographer/Graphic Design

For questions or contact info on division coaches or staff, please email





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