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The cost of one complete set of football equipment distributed

to a player is approximately $650.00. The parent or legal

guardian of every player who receives equipment is directly

responsible for the use and care of the equipment given to the

child. Equipment is to returned sanitized and in tact at the end of the seasion. Missing and/or neglected equipment may result in possible fines and/or ineligibility to play for NVGB or any other conference team in the future.


Coaches are only allowed to sign for their child's equipment.


Additional Equipment Needed

Each football player must provide their own football cleats (polyurethane cleats, soft rubber cleats), football pants, athletic supporter with hard cup, girdle shell, and skull caps. Skull caps are a mandatory part of each player's equipment (unless they own their own helmet).





When a problem exists or a question is unanswered, please contact your Team Manager, who will then inform the Head Coach or other staff member to resolve said problem. If the problem is not solved, contact the Athletic Director or the Cheer Director, respectively. They will in turn attempt to resolve the problem(s) personally, present the problem to the proper committee, the Board of Directors, or the President





Our responsibility to you and your child is to provide an exciting, safe and educational experience for the 2023 Football/Cheerleading Season. Your Responsibility as a parent is as follows:

  1. Send your child to us on time.

  2. Make sure he or she is healthy.

  3. Make sure his equipment is intact, clean, and fits properly


  5. Volunteers are needed in all positions coaches, managers, team moms, cheers moms, snack bar help, etc.

  6.  Participation in the club fundraising raffle is mandatory. Parents may choose to opt out of the raffle by paying $50. 






We accept personal checks through July 18, 2023

. All fees after that day must be paid in CASH, Venmo  or money order. A $35.00 charge will be added to your overall registration fee for all returned checks. If checks are not cleared, we have no alternative but to pursue payment through the courts.




If for any reason your child wishes to withdraw from the North Valley Football Program, the following refund schedule will apply:


100% of fees (less a $100.00 non-refundable administration fee) if your player withdrawals prior to club certification with the conference . Prior to receiving this refund, every part of the uniform checked out must be returned to the North Valley Bears program. Refunds will be processed within 2-3 weeks.


100% of fees (less a $100.00 non-refundable administration fee) if your player suffers a season ending injury PRIOR to the first regular season game. In order to qualify for this type of refund, you will have to provide North Valley with a doctor's note detailing the injury, diagnosis and length of rehabilitation that will be required.

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