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 Pee Wee Squad

Football Squares Fundraiser

17 chances to win $100

New numbers to fill columns drawn each week & loaded to the site for easy viewing

Winning numbers are last numbers of game scores


14 -17 (winning numbers are 4 & 7)

$40 donation per square (non-refundable)

100 squares available

Please note a minimum of 50 squares must be purchased by August 29th or weekly winning decreases to $50.

Week One Sheets:

New Orleans vs Minnesota

San Diego vs Denver

Week Two Sheet:

Detriot Lions vs New York Giants

Week Three Sheet:

Dallas Cowboys at Arizona Cardinals

Week Four Sheet:

Washington Redskins at Kansas City Chiefs

Week Five Sheet:

Minnesota Vikings vs Chicago Bears

Week 6 Sheet:

Indy Colts vs Ten Titans

Week 7 Sheet:

Washington Redskins vs Philly Eagles

Week 8 Sheet

Denver Broncos vs KC Chiefs

Week 9 Sheet

Dolphins vs Panthers

Week 10 Sheet

Falcons vs Seahawks

Week 11 Sheet

Texans vs Ravens

Week 12

Steelers vs Bengals

Week 13

Patriots vs Dolphins

Week 14

Falcon at Bucs

Week 15

Raiders at Eagles

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